Braven 805


Strong sound execution with crisp highs and rich lows. Gets completely boisterous at a speaker in this expense range. Striking blueprint with verifiable speakerphone handiness.


Monstrous for an advantageous speaker. Bass can be more significant.

•Bottom Line

The splendid Braven 805 Bluetooth speaker passes on a fit, astonishing, rich sound involvement with an average expense.

By Tim Gideon

The Braven BRV-HD is a water-safe Bluetooth speaker that performed well in our tests, however at $300, is fairly costly. Fortunately, you can cut its sticker cost( (and its weight) by a third if you needn't trouble with the unpleasant framework parts: The $199.99 Braven 805 is sonically and highlight adroit verging on undefined to the BRV-HD, yet its lovely outer shell is made for indoor use. The refinement in expense is truly passionate, and enough for us to backing this adjustment over the other with our Editors' Choice honor.


Regardless of the way that they have practically identical configurations, the BRV-HD and the 805 look extremely changed. Where the extreme BRV-HD has an elastic treated outside that incorporates some weight, the 2.8-by-9.5-by-4.0-inch, 2.8-pound 805 is a touch slimmer and much lighter, however neither one of the speakers is exactly pocketable. The 805 comes in pink, green, yellow, orange, red, dim, white, or diminish variations, differentiated and the dull, dim and-diminish just BRV-HD.

Next to the size and diagram, things are altogether practically identical. Behind the speaker grilles, there are two drivers and two uninvolved radiators that join for a fit yield. A control board over the top has gets for Power, Call Answer/End, Play/Deferral, and Volume Here and there. The Volume Up/Down gets twofold as track course controls, while the Play get in like manner goes about as the Bluetooth coordinating catch. A recipient pinhole for the speakerphone is moreover arranged on the top board.

The 805 does not have any bona fide water resistance, so its affiliation board, which houses a USB port (for charging phones using their own particular connections), a 3.5mm Aux information (a connection is joined), and the relationship for the power supply, is uncovered. This right-hand side board also holds status LEDs and a catch that will demonstrat to you the measure of battery life you have gotten out. Braven rates the battery life for the 805 at around 18 hours, which is solid for a speaker this size, yet your results will vary dependent upon how uproariously you play your tunes. The BRV-HD is assessed at 28 hours—another way it picks up its higher sticker cost.

The condition of the 805 is a touch horrifying in that it focuses the speakers direct outward and not upward so it meets your ears when sitting on a table or a desktop. I checked this by tipping the speaker in opposite and slanting it on a book, yet it would be immaculate if an upward edge were fused with the base, resulting to the speaker sounds so much brighter and all the more full when properly changed in accordance with the ears. You can in like manner match two 805 speakers together, with one going about as the left and exchange as the right speaker.


The 805 uses propelled sign get ready (DSP) to ensure that sound doesn't twist at top levels. This may incense fussbudgets, yet it moreover suggests that tracks with phenomenal sub-bass substance, as blade The's "Tranquil Shout," don't get the chance to be fleecy waste at top volumes. Besides, 805's top volume is exceptionally uproarious for a speaker this size.

Holding down the Volume gets in the meantime starts the SRS WOW HD sound limit that ought to update bass response. It does, yet it furthermore helps high frequencies to a sibilant, unnatural level, adding some mumble to the scientific proclamation. It's definitely not hard to slaughter, so we can ignore this not too great extra component.

On Bill Callahan's "Drover," (with the SRS WOW off), the 805 sounds impressive and full. This track needs much in the system for significant bass, however Callahan's baritone vocals and the drums are passed on with a proficient riches and a new high-mid region to match it.

The attack of the kick drum circle on Jay Z and Kanye West's "No Assemblage in the Wild" is passed on with a considerable measure of treble region that allows it to slice through the thick mix; other than the consummately clear vocals, it's the most skilled segment in this track through the 805. That infers, regardless, that the sub-bass synth hits that emphasize the beat on this track are to some degree suppressed, and we hear a more prominent measure of their top notes than we do any really significant lows. This is moreover substantial for the BRV-HD's bass response, however since the 805 is $100 less, it's to a lesser degree a wrongdoing that there isn't much in the system for stunning sub-bass and considerably more a stun how skilled this speaker can sound despite missing truly significant lows.

Symphonic tracks, like the opening scene in John Adams' The Gospel according to the Next Mary, give the spotlight over to the higher register strings, metal, and vocals. The lower register instruments still make sense of how to make their region known through the 805's powerful, rich low-mid region, so things sound splendid, however balanced.