Blast and Olufsen Beolit 15

• Experts

Amazing sound execution with rich bass and clear highs. Gets uproarious. Smart Danish outline. Can join with two gadgets on the double. Amasses to eight gadgets in memory.

• Cons

Costly. Advanced sign preparing and upgraded bass reaction not for idealists. No speakerphone usefulness.

• Main concern

The Blast and Olufsen Beolit 15 extravagance Bluetooth speaker is an appealing configuration piece and a sound powerhouse in one—and it'll cost you.

By Tim Gideon

There are moderate compact Bluetooth speakers, and after that there are extravagance versatile Bluetooth speakers. The $599 Blast and Olufsen Beolit 15, plainly, falls into the last classification. On the off chance that the cost doesn't make you jolt, the speaker won't disillusion. From an outline angle, it's almost immaculate—outwardly satisfying and simple to work, with valuable, ergonomic components like a compartment to store the force link in. What's more, in particular, it sounds incredible. The speaker, which can get very uproarious, conveys rich lows and clear highs—it's an etched sound that will drive away a few idealists, yet the individuals who appreciate somewhat additional bass punch will be satisfied, and it procures our Editors' Decision for top of the line versatile Bluetooth speakers.


Taking after an extremely in vogue tackle a cookout crate, the 7.4-by-9.1-by-5.3-inch (HWD), 5-pound Beolit 15 is fabricated to be conveyed, yet this is not a compact speaker that you can simply hurl into a sack. A calfskin strap takes into account simple toting starting with one room then onto the next—B&O claims its arrangement on the speaker is intended to keep the body from wobbling while you convey it, which appears to be correct. The Beolit 15 is accessible in four shading blends, depicted as characteristic (silver), polar (blue), shaded rosa (pink), and common champagne (gold)— you can likewise pay more for cowhide straps in different hues.

The top board of the speaker highlights a rubber treated, discouraged surface that is intended for you to put your telephone or little tablet on—the elastic guarantees the gadget won't move around when the bass is blasting. The top board additionally houses controls for Volume (which cooperates with your gadget's volume), Force, and Bluetooth blending—for track route and playback, you'll have to utilize your gadget's controls.

The front and side boards are secured in metallic speaker grille, behind which there are three 1.5-inch mid-tweeters, one 5.5-creep full-range driver, and two 4-inch detached bass radiators. A compartment on the back board houses the force link association—when the speaker is charged and you would prefer not to utilize the link, it can be twisted up and put away inside the compartment, which has a spread. Beside the compartment, there's a USB association for charging cell phones, a 3.5mm aux information, and a battery status marker. It's somewhat disillusioning that the framework doesn't dispatch with a 3.5mm sound link, in any case—you'll need to get your own to utilize the aux info.

Matching the Beolit 15 through Bluetooth is a straightforward procedure, and it can put away to eight gadgets in its memory for programmed re-blending when the gadgets are in reach. Two gadgets can be matched with the speaker at the same time, permitting you and a companion to flip forward and backward between music on your individual gadgets without having to re-combine every time.

There is no speakerphone usefulness, which is somewhat of a shock—it's a genuinely standard component on compact Bluetooth speakers nowadays. When you get an approach a joined telephone, your music will stop and the sound for the call will get through your gadget—once you hang up, the music will continue through the Beolit 15.

B&O gauges the Beolit 15's battery life to be about 24 hours, however the louder you play your tracks, the lower that number will be—and this speaker can get very uproarious. The speaker consequently shuts down after a brief time of not being utilized, which spares battery life.

Execution and Conclusions

There's a reason, past the tasteful Danish plan, that the Beolit costs $600. This speaker, more so than most compact units we've tried, can get fantastically noisy and convey delightful, clear sound with incredible bass reaction at the same time. On tracks with capable sub-bass substance, as knife The's "Noiseless Yell," the Beolit 15's bass reaction really sounds more serious at moderate volumes, and is by all accounts ruled in a bit by some computerized signal preparing (to avert bending) at top levels. In any case, a moderate volume on the Beolit 15 is still very effective.

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